Sex Box Articles

A couple of great articles in the wake of Monday’s Sex Box show on Channel 4:

Martin Robbins in the New Statesman:

The strange prudishness of Channel 4’s Sex Box

“Couples speak openly and honestly about sex within a loving relationship,”

Mariella Frostrup tells us as she opens the show, and suddenly we’re stuck in a curtain-twitching socially-conservative moral rut.

Sometimes the most memorable elements of a TV show are the things that aren’t there, like Captain Mainwaring’s wife in Dad’s Army, or the eponymous Charlie in Charlie’s Angels. This was presumably the logic behind the production of Sex Box, a television show about people having sex on TV, in which people emphatically do not have sex on TV. Read more…

Molly’s Daily Kiss, focusing on the obsession with orgasms:

More than just orgasms

Did you watch SexBox on Channel 4 on Monday night? (apologies for my USA readers as I suspect you have to be in the UK to view it) If you want to read a full and in my opinion excellent review of the show then check out: Review: SexBox However my reason for mentioning it is orgasms. On the whole the show was actually nowhere near as bad I had feared it was going to be but the one thing that I really hated was the implication from one of the panel members, with reference to the gay couple, that the partner that didn’t orgasm didn’t actually ‘have sex’. The gentlemen in question had given his partner an orgasm and appeared to be rather smiley and floaty about it too. What a wonderful experience and yet the panel member clearly seemed to be of the opinion that he had, in some way, had a lesser experience than his partner because he didn’t orgasm. Really? I have been pondering this thought for a few days now which has finally led to me writing this piece. Read more…




Sex Box – Channel 4 – 7/10/13

We reckon that Channel 4’s Sex Box only ticked 7 out of 24 on Bad Sex Media Bingo, better than the previous Monday’s Porn on the Brain which got 13.

There is a Storify of all our live tweeting of the show here.

And a more detailed summary of which of the boxes it ticked in our next blog post here.

Overall, the show was pretty good on diversity (sexuality, race, disability, body shape, age) although it would have been good to see all the people given equal time and perhaps some older couples and some solos or threesomes. We were also unsure about the format of getting people to have sex in a box!

There was also some good stuff on communication. We liked the idea that asking ‘what are you into?’ should become a habit. Also there was some questioning of the focus on ‘penetrative’ sex with one panelist suggesting we should remove the ‘fore’ and just focus on ‘play’.

However, there was a lot of emphasis that people need to have sex to be happy, and bisexuality was invisible with all the talk about ‘gay sex/relationships’ and ‘heterosexual sex/relationships’. Several times ‘did you have sex?’ meant penetration, and once the person who didn’t orgasm was regarded as not having had sex at all!


Porn on the brain – Channel 4

Last night Channel 4 screened a show called Porn On The Brain, presented by Martin Daubney (ex editor of Loaded magazine).

The show ticked 13 out of 24 of the squares on Bad Sex Media Bingo, notably:

Click on the links to read more about why each of these is a problem, and what would be better for future shows of this kind.

There is an article about the show, and the research included in it, here:


Bad Sex Media Bingo

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