About us

Who are we?

We are a group of therapists, educators and journalists who are tired of the clichés and concerned that these programmes perpetuate unhelpful, limited and often inaccurate stereotypes. We think it’s time to treat sex seriously.

We are all part of the Sense about Sex network (www.SenseAboutSex.com), and we are: Meg Barker, Clare Bale, Kate Bevan, Petra Boynton, Ronete Cohen, Emily Dubberly, Sarah Berry, and Justin Hancock.

Meg Barker is a senior lecturer in psychology at the open university and a qualified sex and relationship therapist. They have researched and written extensively on bisexuality, kink and open monogamies.

Clare Bale is a Registered General Nurse, Public Health Practitioner and Management Consultant. Her research concerns young peoples use of sexual media and their sexual health.

Kate Bevan is a journalist and broadcaster who despairs at the many dire advice columns on newspaper websites that seem to be there more to titillate and get pageviews than to help people.

Petra Boynton is a Social Psychologist, working in International Health Care Research and specialising in research on sex/relationships during pregnancy and parenthood. She applies her work by being an Agony Aunt in print and broadcast media in the UK and elsewhere.

Ronete Cohen is a psychologist/psychotherapist with a private practice in Mayfair, London (Ronete Cohen Therapy), and online (The Rainbow Couch).

Emily Dubberley is a journalist and author who believes in evidence-based reporting and policy. She founded Cliterati.co.uk, has written 25 books about sex and relationships and helps curate Brighton Science Festival, which last year ran a Science of Sex event for the first time.

Sarah Berry is a former top shelf editor who now works as a psychosexual & relationship therapist. She has a wide knowledge of fetish and BDSM, the porn industry and sexual dysfunction.

Justin Hancock is a sex educator who has worked with thousands of young people over the last 14 years. He writes bishUK.com which is one of the leading Sex Ed websites for young people.

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